Our Motto: Imagination - Creativity - Craftsmanship


Welcome to Strahan Woodworks

Who we are: We are a team of people dedicated to the ancient beauty of Huon Pine who have created an original and functional range of Huon Pine products which delight the eye and provide a satisfying practical service in use.

Our environmental outlook: Huon Pine is one of the most ancient and rarest timbers left in the world. Ever mindful of this fact we only use re-claimed and salvaged timbers passed over by the early piners, over a century ago. Today this non-renewal resource is strictly controlled and regulated by the Tasmanian Government owned Forrest's Tasmania. This makes every one of our products a precious original as well as being an antique of the future.

Our Products: The southwest region of Tasmania is one of the most beautiful and pristine areas left on the planet. It is one of the few remaining locations in Tasmania where the legendary Huon Pine can still be seen growing in its natural environment. We utilise this beautiful material in manufacturing the majority of our exclusive range of products together with other Tasmanian woods such as Blackwood, Black Heart Sassafras and Myrtle.